"Clean People" - Recap of the Film Festivals

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 Clean People at Los Angeles Short Film Festival Sept 8 at the ArcLight Cinema on Sunset in West Hollywood.

Ray Samarandi, Rodney Conley, and Roy S. Ford outside the ArcLight Cinema.


Roy S. Ford in the Hollywood Hills.


Rodney Conley at the Arclight Cinema.


Ray, Roy, and Rodney in a photo booth on the Santa Monica Pier.


Rodney and Ray at a local steak house for cocktails.


Roy and Rodney latenight near Dockweiler Beach.


Ray modeling on the hills in Palos Verdes.


Roy and Rodney in the closing night ceremonies.

Clean People was shown at the Dusk Till Dawn Film Festival. August 27 at 10:50pm 

 Dusk Till Dawn Film Festival: August 27 at 10:50pm


Chad Treanor, Roy Ford, Rodney Conley, and Tom Long in front of the screen at the Dusk Til Dawn Film Festival.


Clean People Executive Producers Michael Samadani and Roy Ford at the stormy Dusk Till Dawn Film Festival at The Aurora Theatre.

"Clean People" - The Short Comedy




Its the start of the last load... of laundry. On Sunday night the cool people hang out at the washateria, and Benard Coney - Bunkie (Rodney Conley) wants to fit in with them but only if he could figure out how to work the washer, or start a load in the dryer...without causing mayhem.

Terry (Yo J) and Meg (Meera Nandial) try to help, Joy (Jamie Woodson) offers change, Brady (Tom Long) flirts, and Bez (Ray Samarandi) tries to keep his cool... All while Bunkie sets off a chain of accidents.

Will they learn to accept his blunders or will they simply ignore his efforts? Watch as they all learn what it means to be cool in a real clean world.

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Bunkie - RodneyConley
Terry - Yo J.
Meg - Meera Nandlal
Joy - Jamie Woodson
Brady - Tom Long
Bez - Ray Samarandi


Behind the Scenes

Making of Clean People